O1 Communications is a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (Phone Company) and not an outbound calling / marketing organization. As a CLEC, we provide phone numbers to carriers / businesses / individuals and occasionally some of those numbers are abused.

We take fraud seriously and do our best to investigate reports of fraud involving our numbers.


Occasionally, things such as Caller ID Spoofing can obscure where a call is truly coming from. Also, because numbers can move around, Internet searches sometimes provide old / inaccurate results about that number’s ownership. We will let you know if either of these is the case.

Additionally, if you are receiving threatening phone calls, we suggest you contact local law enforcement as soon as possible.

To report abuse of a telephone number showing O1 Communications as the original telephone carrier of record, please fill in the fields below and click the Send button:


We have been investigating several complaints regarding various 415-200 and 415-300 numbers, and the calls are spoofed. Some of the numbers are ported to other telecom companies, and the ones that do belong to O1 Communications are not originating from our network or our customer’s network that we have assigned the numbers to.

We have blocked all calls originating from 415-200-XXXX and 415-300-XXXX from our network.

Unfortunately, in the case of spoofed calls, the only way to identify the source of the calls would be to track them in the reverse direction from your phone carrier.