Toll-Free Origination

Diversity, Redundancy, and Disaster Recovery

O1’s Toll-Free Origination service provides a cost-effective, reliable method for service providers to support their customer’s inbound 8YY PSTN-originated traffic. We offer a large inventory of numbers throughout the U.S. and Canada, along with the ability to easily import existing numbers.

O1 provides a cutting-edge, fully redundant, and highly scalable network to support all voice traffic requirements. We offer diversity with least cost routing, through relationships with multiple T1 carriers for redundancy and disaster recovery situations.

Features and Benefits

  • RespOrg Management
  • Comprehensive Domestic Coverage
  • Highest Quality and Reliability
  • Vanity Toll-Free Numbers
  • Real-Time ANI Delivery
  • Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS)
  • Payphone Blocking
  • Origin-of-Call Blocking
  • Route Blocking by State, LATA, NPA, NPA/NXX, and ANI Level
  • Routing for Day-of-Week, Holiday/Day-of-Year, and Time-of-Day

O1 has extremely competitive plans with no activation costs.

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